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Customer Trust

Customers are essential – without them there simply is no business! Losing their trust potentially means losing their custom, or in some cases, the custom of others.

Trust is difficult to earn and all to easy to lose.  It is easy to think of many examples of where customer trust has been lost.  Company scandals and failings are regularly exposed and widely reported in the news - and construction is no different! The events of Grenfell Tower have put a sharper focus on the failings of the construction industry as a whole.

So how can organisations earn and retain the trust of customers, or even prospective customers?

  • Ensure good communication – this includes listening to and understanding what customers actually want.
  • Be truthful, open and honest (transparency) – trust is gained through showing you trust your customers.  This also includes demonstrating that any issues or mistakes have been dealt with and learnt from to prevent any reoccurrence.
  • Ensure that you do (and deliver) what you say you will
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships / partnering
  • Be respectful and ethical
  • Ask for, and be open to, feedback

Briggs & Forrester is committed to delivering excellence at every level for our customers.  Our quality policy sets out our commitment and focus on meeting our customers’ needs, and our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system sets out the controls and procedures for ensuring that we can consistently deliver what we say we will.  We also request feedback from our customers on our projects so that we can learn how we can improve.

A large proportion of our turnover comes from repeat customers – this is a reflection of the working relationships that we try to foster and build with our customers.

These are just some things that help to develop and maintain customer trust.  We will be holding a World Quality Day Breakfast Event on Friday 9th November – where we will be looking at ways that we can maintain and develop the trust of our customers.

Let us know your thoughts on the topic or share with us how you will be celebrating #WQD2018 #advocatingtrust