Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) workstream at Briggs and Forrester

IBS, a new business stream opening new doors in the Midlands & South West region

IBS team at Briggs and Forrester

Responding to the potential market for direct works and smaller projects in the Midlands and South West Region, Briggs and Forrester Engineering Services has established a business stream called Integrated Building Solutions (IBS).

Based out of the Birmingham office, IBS has two areas of focus. Direct works projects provide excellent potential for repeat business and multiple site works, across clients such as universities, hospitals and in manufacturing.

The second area of focus is smaller, lower value (£550K – £2m) construction projects. IBS is able to offer contractors agile and flexible solutions across these smaller scale projects.

The team has already had some direct works success. They are currently on site at Stafford County Hospital delivering a complex electrical infrastructure upgrade and will shortly begin an LED lighting replacement programme for Western Power Distribution.

IBS will complement the established Briggs and Forrester Special Projects business that offers similar services, primarily in the South East.

Our photo shows the IBS team l:r Steve Key, John Restall, Graham George & Steve Knee

For more information please contact Operations Manager Graham George on 0121 379 8007 or at