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Trust in the Workplace

Trust is important in the workplace. Without trust it is difficult for an organisation to create the environment needed for an effective feedback culture to improve, and can so easily lead to a loss of moral and productivity. So what are some things that organisations should consider when looking to gain and maintain employees’ trust?

Establish and maintain integrity 

Organisations must consistently do what they say they will do and openly share news (good and bad) with employees.  Remaining honest and transparent develops a sense of integrity, which is the foundation to trust.

Communicate and involve employees in achieving the organisation’s goals

Senior Management should communicate the organisation’s vision and values and involve all employees in achieving its goals.  In doing so employees are clear on their purpose and feel that they are a valuable part of the organisation’s success.

Employees who feel valued are more likely to have trust in their employers.

Value and show trust in employees

Emphasise and celebrate employees’ achievements and successes and show appreciation for their ideas, contributions and work.  Management should demonstrate that they trust their workers – for example by not micro-managing or by giving delegated authority for aspects of their work etc.

By doing this businesses demonstrate that they trust their employee’s experience and ideas are valued.  Employees that feel trusted and valued are not only more likely to go the extra mile but also trust their employers in return!

Be fair and consistent

Unconscious bias or favouritism can contribute to a major loss in trust, especially if it affects employees’ performance reviews or career progression.

Be open to employee feedback

To gain a high level of trust from employees, organisational management must be willing to demonstrate that they are open to constructive feedback and criticism.

These are just some things that help engender employee trust.  We will be asking our staff to join us on Thursday 8th November at our World Quality Day Breakfast Event – where one of the questions we will be asking is how we can improve trust in the business for employees.

Tomorrow’s article will be on customer trust.

Let us know your thoughts on the topic or share with us how you will be celebrating World Quality Day 2018!