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18th April 2018

This weeks energy is to get a head. If you’ve got a shower that takes hot water straight from your boiler or hot water tank (rather than an electric shower), fit a water efficient shower head. This will reduce your hot water usage while retaining the sensation of a powerful shower.

A water efficient shower head could save a four person household as much as £75 a year on gas for water heating, as well as a further £120 on water bills if they have a water meter.

11th April 2018

Kevin Mason, Briggs & Forrester Living will be running this year’s London Marathon on the 22nd April in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Macmillan Cancer Support provide much needed advice and support to those who are diagnosed with cancer, to help them to take back some control in their lives.

Kevin said, “I was lucky enough to get a ballot place for this year’s London marathon. As this will be my first marathon I would like to take this opportunity to raise a good sum of money for a great charity – Macmillan Cancer Support.

11th April 2018

You can save around £36 a year by using your kitchen appliances more carefully, and reduce your energy consumption:

11th April 2018

Last month was the 11th Annual Briggs & Forrester Supply Chain Event 2018 at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham. Over 320 people were in attendance, to hear the latest updates from the Briggs & Forrester Group CEO, Paul Burton and the senior management team.

2018 signifies a year of growth for Briggs & Forrester, with the Group turnover seeing an increase of 25%. Paul Burton said:

10th April 2018

On the 22nd April, Matt Dickerson Special Projects, is running this year’s London Marathon for Northampton’s Autism Concern charity.

His longest run of 23 miles has recently been completed and he’s clocked up a total of 300 miles since January.

Matt said, “I am running the London Marathon to help raise awareness of autism and to provide more exposure of this Northampton based charity. I have two nephews on the Autistic Spectrum so know first-hand what fantastic support Autism Concern provides, not just to them but to the 1000's of other people affected across the county.”

28th March 2018

This week we are looking at ways you can save energy whilst at work. Here are 3 tips that could help reduce waste and save energy.

28th March 2018
Tough Mudder

A team from the Briggs & Forrester Birmingham Office will be taking part in Tough Mudder on the 19th May 2018 at Belvoir Castle, Nottingham.

The team will be tackling a 10-12 mile endurance mud course which includes over 20 challenging obstacles. The Grantham course has a reputation for being filled to the brim with mud and water which adds to the difficulty of this physically and mentally demanding course.

28th March 2018

Last week, one of Combined Energy Solutions resident technicians, Steve Blake, won the annual Sport Relief bake-off at the Volvo HQ in Maidenhead.

Entries included, shortbread biscuits, orange drizzle cake, Pina Colada cupcakes and Steve’s Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Easter fruit cake.

Against stiff competition, Steve came first place, having been scored by only one Judge on taste - as the other didn’t like fruit cake! Only 0.5 points split 1st and 3rd place so it was very close but Steve came out on top.

26th March 2018

On Saturday Rebecca Fallows, Engineering Services, got the chop and donated 30cm of her hair to the Little Princess’s Trust.

Little Princess’s Trust is a charity that takes real hair donations to make wigs for children who sadly lose their hair due to illness. Rebecca decided that she wanted to donate her hair to this worthy cause, to give confidence and support to those in need, and has been growing her hair for about 8 years.

26th March 2018

Last weekend, Sasha McGown, Engineering Services completed the Stanwick Lakes Half Marathon, raising over £720 for the Briggs & Forrester Foundation.

With the return of the ‘Beast from the East’ is was a very cold and snowy day, but she completed her run with a very impressive time of 2:24:37.