27 Jan 2022

Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services awarded works on Oatly’s first UK manufacturing plant

Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services have been selected to undertake the Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health works for Oatly’s first UK manufacturing facility in Peterborough for IFP Construction.

The conversion of an existing 45,000m2 industrial unit will provide a facility capable of producing 300 million litres of oat milk drink per year, with the capacity to grow to 450 million litres in the future, making it one of the largest plant based non diary factories in the world.

The UK factory is part of a wider initiative from Oatly to build factories fit for the future, with efficient use of resources and minimal negative impact on the planet. Oatly is seeking to ensure that it uses 100% renewable energy for its production by 2029, reduce its water withdrawal by at least half from 4.3 litres of water per litre of Oatly in 2019, and eliminate all production waste to landfill.

Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services will be undertaking the services design and installation, which includes the HV & LV Distribution, Small Power & Lighting, Fire Alarm, BCWS, HWS, LTHW & CHW Distribution, Sprinklers, Ventilation, BMS Controls, Steam and Process Cooling.

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