20 Jan 2022

Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services secure Gradel Quadrangles project at New College, Oxford

Working alongside Sir Robert McAlpine, Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services have secured the mechanical, electrical and public health services contract on the New College campus in Oxford.

The scheme, known as Gradel Quadrangles will see the redevelopment of the college’s Savile Road site to create a new living and working space with state of the art flexible study and teaching workspaces and a multipurpose arts and performance venue. The name reflects the type of architecture used by the college who were the site of the first planned quad in 1403, a model that has influenced educational institutions globally for over six hundred years.

Gradel Quadrangles will consist of 3 new buildings – The Quad has a double basement and three storeys above, New Warham Tower which is 6 storeys with a roof, and a single storey building called Porters Lodge. The contract also includes a small refurbishment of Savile House.

The mixed use development will provide teaching and residential spaces including study spaces and classrooms, dining and kitchen facilities, student bedrooms, meeting rooms, offices, a performance and lecture hall and public realm areas such as lobbies, stairs and kitchens.

The MEP works are due to commence on site in June 2022, with completion expected in September 2023.

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