Environmentally focused

We are wholly committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment from our Board of Directors, our site teams and operatives through to our supply chain. We are fully aware of the impacts and implications of our operations and endeavour to promote, wherever possible, conservation and the use of materials from sustainable resources.

Environmentally focused

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Some of the key points in our ethos are achieved by:

  • Minimising waste by evaluating our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • Sourcing and promoting a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • Meet or exceed all the relevant environmental legislation that relates to the Company.

Whilst complying with all current environmental legislation and requirements, it is our aim as a business to strive for continual improvement in reducing our environmental impact through our activities, products and services.Areas where this has been most successful include the reduction of harmful chlorofluorocarbons in refrigeration plant, energy usage across our own company and customers’ premises and the recycling of waste from our sites and offices. In particular we are working to encourage our supply chain in the recycling and segregation of waste, to minimise the amount of waste produced and saving on raw materials and disposal costs.

In 2018 the Briggs & Forrester Group were assessed by the BM Trada and attained ISO 14001: 2015 accreditation and most recently the ISO 45001:2018.

Low Carbon

We strive where possible to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment. One example is by minimising our carbon footprint by reviewing our working systems, strategies and processes.

We will continue to develop policies to support our commitment to improvement of the environment and encourage all our employees to be more aware and pro-active in their working practices.


Briggs & Forrester encompass the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) philosophy. On all design and construct projects we meet both internally and externally with the client to determine the level of BREEAM certification required. Subsequently, we meet with BREEAM assessors throughout the project to demonstrate our understanding and commitment to BREEAM initiatives.


Briggs & Forrester provides advice on matters of low carbon sustainability, reduction and technologies at pre-tender, tender and construction stage. Briggs & Forrester has accredited Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors.

If you require further information or a copy of our Environmental Policy Statement, please contact us.

Awards and accreditations