24 Aug 2022

Futuristic Martian House for ‘Living on Mars’ delivered in Bristol

Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services South West & Wales team are excited to present the Martian House project they have been involved in delivering as part of the Southern Construction framework. The team along with our valued supply chain partners kindly provided all MEP services free of charge donating their time and the materials in order to assist in delivering a two storey house designed for future life on Mars.

The house, based in M Shed Square in Bristol, was designed by local artists Ella Good & Nicki Kent and was designed to inspire us to think more creatively and explore the possibilities of sustainable living. Mars was chosen due to its low power, zero emissions and zero waste. The 53 sqm house is powered by solar panels, designed to be lightweight and built to withstand the environmental challenges life on Mars would face such as average temperatures of -63c degrees and exposure to cosmic radiation. On Mars the walls would be filled with Martian regolith (soil) but the prototype is filled with air.

The lower level is designed to be built underground within the lava tubes that exist beneath the planetary surface, this will protect the inhabitants from high levels of radiation. It also contains a control room with all the life support systems powering the house along with two compact bedrooms pods, a shower and a low water use toilet.