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Are you ESOS and ISO compliant

ESOS - the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme - is a set reporting requirement under European laws for businesses within the UK.
Controlled and monitored by the Environment Agency, ESOS affects all businesses with over 250 employees or an annual turnover of 50million Euros and a balance sheet of 43million Euros. The scheme means-investigates how much energy is used for that business for Transport, Process and Buildings, broken down into kW and Tonnes of CO2 per capita.
Is your business compliant? The deadline for compliance has recently been extended to 29th January, but if your company hasn’t completed the compliance process, Low Energy Consultancy can help. We can conduct ESOS surveys to help you to make applications and avoid the steep fines (potentially £50K) that surround non-compliance.
The sooner you progress your ESOS compliance process (and the sooner it is completed) the sooner you will have the reassurance of avoiding the possibility of the Environment Agency’s enforcement action.

Want to know more about ISO compliance?
If you have completed your ESOS assessment and have seen recommendation for ISO50 001, or now have a desire for ISO compliance, please call us. We have ISO assessors ready to plan and develop your tailor-made ISO plan for 2016.
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