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Briggs Manager a Tour de Force

Tour of Cambridgeshire

The Tour of Cambridgeshire Grand Fondo was held at Peterborough Show ground recently and we are delighted that our very own Electrical Testing and Commissioning Manager Paul Holder played a leading part.

The two day event saw the Saturday hosting a 28K (16.5mile) time trial race on closed roads in which Paul missed out on qualifying by just 2 minutes with a total time of 45 minutes and 14 seconds.

On Sunday was the 136K (83mile) road race again on closed roads and Paul finished within the top 25%, total time of 4 hours 6 minutes thus qualifying for the UCI World Amateur Road Race finals in Denmark for hisge group of 45-49 year olds.

Great effort Paul - everyone at Briggs & Forrester is very proud.

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