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Project update: Cummins Turbo Tower, Huddersfield

In July 2017, Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services were appointed as the management and building services contractor for the refurbishment of a manufacturing facility & office space for Cummins Turbo Technologies in Huddersfield.

Work is currently progressing in Bay 9, 10 and the front yard of the development. In Bay 9, the new façade will soon be installed meaning the exterior will begin to take shape later this year. Once the first phase of Bay 9 is complete, there will be a period of machine moves to reconfigure the layout of Bay 9 and clear space to continue the facility upgrade in zone C and B2. This will begin in 2020 governed by HD and HHP assembly line moves.

Bay 9’s new roof is flat with rubberised layer which is welded to form a complete watertight skin allowing rainwater to be stored on the roof in the event of deluge. Daylight panels also feature in the roof with added diffusers, spreading the light to give a pleasant working environment.

New drainage is set to be installed in Bay 9’s yard preventing rainwater getting inside of the flood defence, above this there will be a sprinkler main installed to form the ring main around the plant which is yet to run through Bay 10.

A sprinkler main will also be installed in front of security. The security cabin will soon see the addition of flood protection concrete walls, flood protection glass with a new roof and façade treatment.

Works are well underway and the site team are dedicated to complete the services to an excellent standard, meeting the customers’ needs and creating the right environment for workers and the people of Huddersfield.