Proud to be CLOCS Champions! | Briggs & Forrester

Proud to be CLOCS Champions!

Today marks the start of Bike Week which helps to encourage people to rethink their choice of transport and try something new.

As you may know, at Briggs & Forrester not only do we strive to eliminate risks for office staff and site workers, we are also committed to eradicating collisions between HGV’s and vulnerable road users. Hence why we are proud to be CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) Champions, working to implement a national road safety standard across our sector.

The CLOCS standard was established in 2013 leading to the construction industry taking ownership of work related road risk beyond legal requirements. The standard places responsibility and duties on all individuals involved on the project including the supply chain and the operator of any road-going vehicles servicing that project. 53% of cyclist fatalities in London involve HGV’S and a large percentage of those are construction vehicles.

CLOCS are working to project vulnerable road users ensuring road safety is equal to work place health and safety.