#ThisIsEngineeringDay | Briggs & Forrester


Today we're celebrating #ThisIsEngineeringDay which gives us the opportunity to recognise all the talented engineers in our industry whose work makes a huge difference to our daily lives.

This day was created to help to broaden people’s perception of the profession, challenging views of the engineering stereotype. Today, the role of an engineer could include anything from finding new ways to fight diseases to developing more sustainable buildings.

Within the Briggs & Forrester Group, we strive to develop and inspire the next generation of engineers. With our Apprenticeship programme we are fortunate to have the opportunity to reach out to young people who are keen to progress their career in engineering. To find out more about what our apprenticeships can offer, visit: https://briggsandforrester.co.uk/briggs-forrester-apprenticeships

For more information on This Is Engineering Day, visit: https://www.thisisengineering.org.uk/