Working towards a RIDDOR-free 2016 | Briggs & Forrester

Working towards a RIDDOR-free 2016

New Providence Tower, London

Briggs and Forrester MEP are delighted to have received an invite from Balfour Beatty to attend an awards ceremony on 11th January 2016 at the New Providence Tower project in recognition of the project having achieved 1,000,000 man hours RIDDOR free. The invitation recognises the contribution that the B&F team have made, together with Balfour Beatty and others in the supply chain, in achieving this fantastic milestone.

Briggs and Forrester MEP Project Director, Paul Campbell commented, “It is testament to every individual and organisation involved in the project having taken care of both themselves and others working around them that 1,000,000 hours of work has been completed without any significant harm or injury to anyone.  Balfour Beatty led from the front with their initiatives and policies, which all supply chain members bought into as a minimum.”
“Briggs and Forrester continued to invest in, supervise and educate all our employees and supply chain on working safely, using the right equipment correctly in a safe environment. This resulted in us consistently being at the top end of the sub-contractor safety league table and a number of our employees being recognised for their individual contribution.”

“Briggs and Forrester’s Health and Safety performance on this project was aided by having a full time, qualified H&S co-ordinator on site to complement our H&S management. This is something we are expanding across our projects with a view to achieving a RIDDOR FREE 2016.” 

New Year, New Opportunity, and New Challenge – we ask all our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers to rise to the challenge and not put themselves or others in danger of being harmed.  Please check the task you have to do, the environment you have to do it in, the tools, equipment and knowledge you have to use – if you have any concerns raise them with your supervisor. 

We will shortly be launching our new behavioural safety campaign across the Briggs and Forrester Group, to further enhance the great job everyone is already doing… more to follow soon.