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5th July 2018

Dan Martins, Plumbing Engineer, has recently taken part in the ‘Talking Statue’ scheme by Sing London, to give the ‘Plumbing Apprentice’ statue at Cannon Street Station a voice.

Dan won bronze at WorldSkills last year, and was presented with a gold award from The Worshipful Company of Plumbers for his contribution to plumbing. Following this success he was invited by the company to be the voice for the ‘Plumbing Apprentice’ statue that was commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, to commemorate the existing site of their Livery Hall.

4th July 2018

The UK is currently experiencing a heat wave, with temperatures reaching a scorching 32.6 degrees celsius! This weather is set to continue for a couple more weeks, which means that air conditioning units will be working overtime to keep buildings cool.

2nd July 2018

Last month, Richard Sawyer, Quantity Surveyor for Briggs & Forrester Living, played his part in an exciting nationwide community project which hopes to link over a thousand miles of England’s waterways in one giant litter collection relay. The selected mode of transport for this challenge is a Schiller water bike, which is part bike and part raft!

27th June 2018

When machines work below their optimum efficiency settings, they often consume more energy and are at risk of failure. To avoid this, regular maintenance of your systems is recommended. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are able to read machine data to anticipate failures, enabling preventive maintenance processes and lowering energy use.

22nd June 2018

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.

20th June 2018

Power down your computer at the end of the working day. You could save as much as £70 a year by turning off one computer and monitor alone, that’s over £7000 if your company employs more than 100 member of staff!   

14th June 2018

The Briggs & Forrester Group has showcased its commitment to developing its people by joining The 5% Club, an industry led initiative focused on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and sponsored students.

The 5% Club, initiated by Leo Quinn CEO of Balfour Beatty in 2013, is a movement by more than 250 employers providing ‘earn and learn’ opportunities to develop the skills and talents people need to become more employable and create meaningful careers.

13th June 2018

You can reduce costs and save the environment by thinking twice before using your printer at work, here’s our top 5 tips.

7th June 2018

EPCs, DECs, TM44s - lots of acronyms, but what exactly do they stand for and do you need this type of certification for your building?


6th June 2018

As the weather gets warmer, avoid using your dryer and hang clothes out to dry. Not only could it save you up to £150 on your energy bill, but the ultra-violet rays in sunlight help to disinfect laundry!