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Overview of Building Information Modelling

The BIM acronym conjures up many different thoughts and expectations. At the Briggs & Forrester Group we take a pragmatic approach with the intention of delivering above our clients' expectations, whilst offering the levels of whole project efficiency and quality that BIM as a process can provide. We believe that BIM is more than just technology, but is a set of conjoined technologies used as the tools to operate an efficient and quality focussed process and business offering.

As should be expected, our models are built to the highest standards, with a particular focus on embedding and empowering the information that drives our projects from inception to delivery and beyond. Our preferred approach to BIM is to see it as Better Information Management, and we are working with our clients, project peers and supply chain to ensure that the information we deliver is concurrent, accurate and suits the needs and ambition of all involved.

Building Information Modelling

3 Merchant Square, London
Residential & Housing
3 Merchant Square

3 Merchant Square is a 21-storey residential building providing flexible living and retail space.