Our vision is to secure the future of our planet, for the sake of our business and its people, by becoming a leader in sustainability within the M&E sector. By harnessing the creativity of our people, we have a vision to create a net zero future based on excellence at every level and creating strong, professional relationships.


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Our Strategy

Our industry faces challenges to reduce its emissions and transition skills towards delivering the green economy. Recognising our responsibility to people and the planet, Briggs & Forrester Group’s Sustainability Strategy outlines the principle which will ensure we deliver our vision for a sustainable future.

We have laid out our long-term ambitions in the areas of Our Business, Our People and Our Product, which together will deliver our vision.

Our ambitions have been shaped by the UN sustainability Development Goals :

Our Business – SDG 7, 9, 11, 13, 17

Our Society – SDG 3, 4, 5, 8, 10

Our Product – SDG 9, 12, 15, 17

Progress will be reviewed and published on an annual basis.

Our Business

We want to play our part in tackling our carbon emissions and those of our supply chain, moving towards a net zero world.

Our business aims by 2030:

  • All office electricity usage from renewable sources
  • All offices to have implemented Carbon Reduction Plans
  • Generate renewable energy for our own use
  • Achieve Net Zero in our scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Achieve SBTi approval for our Carbon Reduction Plan
  • 100% of our offices will have access to EV charging points
  • Maximum company car fleet emissions will be 40g/km

Our supply chain aims by 2030:

  • Be a Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) partner
  • We will have set SCSS sustainability learning pathways to our top 500 supply chain partners
  • Our top 25% of suppliers (by spend) will be net zero
  • Our top 10% subcontract supply chain partners (by spend) will be net zero
  • 100% of our supply chain will have completed sustainability learning pathways

By 2040 we want to achieve net zero across our business and supply chain.

We take sustainability serious and are taking action to continuously improve the way we work.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan outlines the steps that we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint on our pathway to net zero.

Our Society

As an EOT our people are our most valuable assets. Ensuring their needs are met and investing in an inclusive, diverse and fair workplace helps to deliver excellence at every level of our business and ensure it remains an attractive place for careers.

By 2025 we aim to :

  • Deliver at least £1 million in social value each financial year
  • Capture the impact of at least 75% of our social value activities
  • Increase our support of social enterprises and spend from our 2022 baseline
  • Implement our Equal Opportunities Leadership Programmes across all business units
  • Support new entrants into the industry
  • We will be able to measure and have positively impacted the wellbeing of our employees through identified initiatives (e.g. through engagement surveys and retention rates)
  • At least 10& of our direct employees will be in continual professional development or ‘earn and learn’ positions

Our Product

Our end goal is to further reduce the impact of our projects, helping to protect and even enhance the environment.

By 2030 we will:

  • Offer low carbon alternatives to high impact materials
  • Offer alternatives with an optimised lifecycle
  • Offer a pathway to net zero in operation
  • 100% of projects to eliminate avoidable waste

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75 years exceeding expectations

Briggs & Forrester has established itself as a leading player in the industry. We have been at the forefront of the building service industry for 75 years and are totally committed to quality, service and innovation.

£230m+ annual turnover

Our group has surpassed turnover targets and improve on performance year after year. We currently have a turnover in excess of £230m.

Employee owned company

Briggs & Forrester is an employee owned company with both the breadth of experience and skilled staff to undertake projects in virtually all market sectors. We currently have over 900 team members and continue to grow each year.

15+ accreditations and certifications

The Briggs & Forrester Group is renowned for excellence and innovation within the building service industry. We have over 15 industry accreditations and certifications across the group.

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